Pre-Construction Project Management in 3D!

Constructability3D is a back-office pre-construction project management service,  assisting builders, architects and building owners by building detailed 3D models of proposed construction projects BEFORE construction begins.  We provide Constructability Reviews, detailing all issues encountered, as well as the 3D model itself, which may be used to reference during construction in the office and in the field.  The models are excellent for pre-construction meetings, providing incredible detail and visualizations for the entire team.  Quantity takeoffs are available as well!

We combine your architectural drawings, structural engineering drawings, site drawings, floor and roof truss drawings and 3D models from your truss vendor to create detailed structural models.  Why wait until a problem occurs in the field! We have saved our clients thousands of dollars on every project, by avoiding mistakes and delays due to design and construction issues.



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The roof trusses in the center portion of this home in Utah were 30″ taller than the front to back ridge they were to align with.  This was not noticeable on a 2D Layout drawing, but immediately obvious in the 3D model!  We were able to go back to the truss manufacturer and re-engineer them to fit properly BEFORE they were ordered, saving this builder $15,000 and a 3-week delay!


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